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Vibration of Number 7

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The future associated with the Vibration of Number 7

The unmet curiosity about world and the domestic need of new impressions and experience cause that these persons a lot will be travelling, both on the area of the own country, as well as outside it. They will also get to know "magnates of this world", of people influencing the course of history, holding the power, influences and riches. They are these are individuals a little bit secret, deep, serious and closed in oneself. Their intuition frequently is bordering with the clairvoyance. Therefore the personality constitutes them riddle for surroundings and... for them alone. The easiness, with which they are discovering real intentions and motivations of other persons is often for of the ones last quite embarrassing. So if will use one's unusually psychological fitnesses, they can gain the universal recognition and the fame, and their help will turn out in many cases to be priceless. These philosophers given birth and thinkers need the solitude and sheltering from the everyday tumult. They are always driven by desire for achieving the spiritual maturity, and allocating them inseparable will be associated with exploring the philosophical or esoteric knowledge. the tangible property, money or the power for them will never constitute practical purposes. Therefore, if by chance they become their participation, won't hesitate neither of moment so that is to lose, when their development will be spiritual or intellectual endangered. Because these values like best.

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